So apparently the robot uprising begins at the pubs.

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About Us

We're New

We've been socializing and gathering requirements for this project in 2016. Since then we've interviewed hundreds of resturant owners and prospective owners and incorporated their feedback. We're now actively preparing our first prototypes which we plan to launch later in 2018.

We're Innovative

RoboVend let's guests pour their own beer and blend various types of ciders, ales or wines. Additionally the guest "Know your Customer" (KYC) review management, business sales metrics, and advanced gamification create new revenue channels that do not currently exist.

We're Social

Do you speak English and have pub or resturant experience? Do you own a brewery or vineyard and need new ways to distribute? Are you interested in deploying our robots into your facility? We're actively seeking business partners in the craft beer & space? We'd love to show you what we're up to!

The Robot Uprising Is Happening Soon.

We're actively creating a group of beer, wine, and tapa vending robots.

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Know Your Customer

Your advanced "KYC" (Know your Customer) tracking system creates loyalty among clients and gives unparalleled business insights.

Business Metrics & Intelligence

RoboVend tracks number of new and repeat customers, as well as the consumption behavior of both tourists and locals.

Our Team


Brian Horakh

Fearless Leader

World traveler, Craft Beer Afficiando (>300 breweries & >4000 flavors), former CTO & CEO of $1.8bn in online sales from 2000-2015


Colin Hankins

Electronics Wizard

Colin graduated with a masters in Electrical Engineering from UCSD and has worked on numerous projects related to optics and FPGA's.


Ken Malaysia


Ken is a talented graphics designer with a firm understanding of clean modern design. He also works as a tour guide showing people the fun of Malaysia.